Transition Streets Project

I have just finished working up this version of the new community workbook for Transition Streets.

My online version is here

The overall rationale  [ herewas a plan to have a “sufficient for the meetings” small print workbook, 

* Supported by national and global general information web links,

                 and then, for each group who wants to run sessions, 

* Local area or group specific web links.

Some of the general links will be to extension exercises and more detailed or expert discussion pages.

The print workbook can be modified for any group who wants to run this type of session.

New cover, logos, and relevant imbedded links


This version is now being used and tested, so I would appreciate your comments on the new handbook.

The download is [ here ] on the Transition Australia website.

Please contact me if you have any questions, or if I can help further.

Tom Danby 0425711935 -

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